Third blog, first post

This is the third time I’ve started a Texo blog. The first blog was launched the same week I started Texo in 2005. I hoped to attract thousands of clients, by winning them over and convincing them to sign up with my witty prose and thoughtful ponderings. I ran out of things to say after about five posts.

My second attempt at a blog was a year or so after Texo had launched and was fast turning into a successful little webhost. I wanted to “be open” and “communicate” with my clients. My clients weren’t as open or communicative and after my first few weeks of blogging had elicited not even one comment, I threw my toys out the cot hands in the air and decided that perhaps blogging wasn’t something I should spend any more time on.

The fact that I had stupidly accidentally deleted the blog’s database during a site redesign made the decision really easy.

Here goes attempt number three.

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  1. Dewald says:

    Well, good luck this time! I’ve failed similarly myself and don’t yet have the courage for the next attempt.

    • Steve Venter says:

      Thanks, Dewald – it was huge challenge to find the time and inspiration to keep posting week after week the last time I tried.

  2. David says:

    Well now you have one comment.

    Must say that I’m excited to see the roll out of the Reseller packages.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. manny says:

    Hey Steve ! spoken to you a number of times on phone, first time with TEXO. Must say you guys are a great bunch always willing to help. Still have’ nt sorted out my “sending” problem from MTN….as discussed last week.!!

    ANY Ideas for a varsity student to make some cash??? My son is looking for passive income to pay for studies.Can you set us up??


  4. Jenku says:

    You really want to get the Blog flying? Then put something on that us pleps not geeks can actually use. For a start: “What would step 1 be to begin building a website – you’re “Getting started” is blank. I’ve promoted Texo amongst my clients in Jo’burg but, once they have a platform they still need a geek to build their site – this is not the idea or is it?

    Some good market research is showing that they want something that is as easy as Facebook to manage but as upmarket as a website designed by a Pro.

    Userfriendliness is the Keyword

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Life is GREAT!

  5. Steve Venter says:

    Hey Jenku! Awesome idea – I have big plans for because I know that not only can it be a really useful resource for clients, but it will also help to bring our support load down. 99% of support requests are for simple things like “how do I create an email account” which gets a bit tiresome after so many years.

    I just need to find the time…

  6. Haroun Kola says:

    Hey Steve

    Good luck with the blog, I’ll be hanging around here, cause its about time to move all my sites away from my current hosting. Looking forward to being in touch!


  7. See, the problem is that the service is so terribly good that we never need to get hold of you guys.

    It’s the best of situations really – you just fade into the distance and things run smoothly – consider it a compliment!

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