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How CloudFlare increases the speed and security of your site

March 14, 2015 by in category Texo Blog

This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare. CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secureas the Internet giants. CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with Texo Webhosting! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our value proposition is simple: we’ll make […]

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Now offering CloudFlare Railgun!

March 7, 2015 by in category Texo Blog

Texo became CloudFlare‘s first South African partner a few years ago, and in January we became the first SA Optimized partner, which means we now offer Railgun! As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we are thrilled to offer the CloudFlare Railgun™ technology to all our customers who’ve signed up for our new 2015 hosting packages and […]

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New Reseller Tool: Email Wizard

September 1, 2014 by in category Texo Blog

Many of our Resellers have found the process of editing a domain’s DNS to point its MX, mail and webmail entries to the correct mailserver quite daunting. So I have coded a simple cPanel plugin to automate the process. Now, adding a new domain to your Reseller account is rather easy: 1. Log into your […]

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New Tool: SiteCheck

May 8, 2014 by in category Texo Blog

I’ve created a tool to help you check if your website really is offline (unlikely, with Texo!) or if the problem is only affecting you. You can click on HELP! > SiteCheck on our website to start using the tool.

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New Tool: Email Settings

April 9, 2014 by in category Texo Blog

I’ve created a new tool to help you quickly see what the correct settings are for your email account. Click on HELP! > Email Settings on our website to use the tool.

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PHP 5.6 Alpha 1 now available

February 5, 2014 by in category Texo Blog

Now that first alpha of PHP5.6 is available, it has been added to the PHP Selector for you to play with. You can change the PHP version for your hosting account, by clicking on the “Select PHP Version” icon in your website’s cPanel: How to login to your website’s cPanel

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Price hike for domains

January 11, 2013 by in category Texo Blog

Uniforum SA, the domain Registry, has announced a price increase for domains registered through its legacy system. Prices for domains registered through the legacy system will increase from R50 to R75 from 1 March 2013. The “legacy” system is the “old” way of registering domains, by sending a registration form via […]

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New WordPress MAX Plugin: Texo Downloads

October 22, 2012 by in category Texo Blog

Good news for all WordPress MAX and WordPress MAX Developer clients: we’ve created a WordPress plugin to make it faster and easier to install premium themes and plugins! If the plugin hasn’t been installed and activated in your WordPress Dashboard yet,

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Cape Talk SBA 2012: we’ve been nominated!

August 20, 2012 by in category Texo Blog

Texo has the best clients in the world! And one of them, Jolene Bertoldi, secretly nominated Texo for the 2012 Cape Talk Small Business Awards. I received a phone-call early this morning from Cape Talk’s charming Gugu Mhlungu to let me know that Texo was a finalist! And that John Maytham would be interviewing me […]

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How to clear a firewall block

July 15, 2012 by in category Texo Blog

We’ve made it easier for you to unblock your IP address if a server’s firewall has blocked you for some reason, like entering an incorrect password too many times: 1. Login to your client area 2. Click on Help! > Unblock IP 3. Click on the “Check for IP Block and Remove” button 3. Wait […]

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