cPanel Shocker

July 29, 2019

As you know, we use cPanel on all our servers. It's the leading platform in the hosting industry and we've been using it since we launched 15 years ago.

A few weeks ago, on 27th June, cPanel made an announcement that sent a shockwave though the hosting industry.

cPanel has always used a simple pricing structure with a flat rate per server for a cPanel license. This flat rate was applicable regardless of the number of accounts hosted on a server.

This has now all changed as the new cPanel pricing model is based on the number of accounts running on each server. This means that the license cost for some of our servers will increase by as much as 1000% .

Previously our cost price per server for a cPanel license was $34.95 per month. Dedicated Server licenses now start at $45 per month plus an additional $0.20 per month for every account hosted on the server.

How Will This Impact You?

This will depend on the kind of hosting plan you are on. Please read through the information below to see how we plan to proceed.

Shared Hosting Accounts – All shared hosting accounts (All-in-One and WordPress MAX) will increase by R3.50 (including VAT) per month from 1 September 2019.

We have a number of users on legacy shared hosting accounts, some created as far back as 2006. With the new cPanel pricing we can no longer afford to keep these plans running at the 2006 prices and these will be brought into line with our current shared hosting pricing.

The price increase will vary slightly depending on the payment term you are on, but on average it will only be an increase of around R42 including VAT, per year.

Reseller/Multi Site Hosting Accounts – Resellers will be charged an extra R2.50 (including VAT) per account they host, per month. Resellers will also have the following options:

1. Continue to use cPanel and pay the cost increase.

2. We can move you over to the DirectAdmin control panel. This will mean you will see no increase in the cost of your plan as the DirectAdmin pricing is pretty much inline with current cPanel pricing but we would have to build a new Server for you and then perform a migration of accounts. There may be a small charge for this depending on how many accounts there are to move as it requires quite a lot of staff time.


DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel that has been around for 15+ years and while it has nowhere near the market share of cPanel or Plesk it’s still a very capable control panel with a good track record. It doesn’t have the same number of features as cPanel but it does the basics very well and we’re happy to recommend it to clients that don’t want to accept the cPanel price hike.

It already integrates with CloudLinux, Softaculous and other things that you will be familiar with. It also has a fairly straightforward cPanel migration path.

You can view a demo of DirectAdmin here:

and if you think the interface may take quite a bit of getting used to, DirectAdmin has released a new skin (not used in the demo, unfortunately) that should make cPanel users feel at home.

I Don’t Host With Texo, Does It Impact Me?

YES. These price rises are being applied to every web host that uses cPanel. If you haven’t yet heard from your web host then you should be hearing from them very soon.

We hope this has provided you with some clarity on the situation. We hate having to raise prices and cause disruption to clients but due to the actions of cPanel we have been left with no choice as we simply can’t afford to absorb such a huge cost increase.

If you have any further questions or comments on this price rise then please reply to this email and we will get back to you ASAP.