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We use the anti-spam tool MailScanner on all our servers at Texo. MailScanner scans every email that is sent to you for spam and viruses, and does not deliver those emails which score highly as spam and which contain malware.

It also uses RBLs (Reputation/Realtime Block Lists) such as SpamCop and SpamHaus to identify spam emails.

By default, our MailScanner considers spam that scores between 7 and 14 as Low-Scoring Spam, and emails which score 15 or higher as High-Scoring Spam. Neither Low-Scoring nor High-Scoring Spam is delivered to you by default.

The MailScanner settings for your account, though, are entirely under your control. You can either set MailScanner to deliver spam, to stop scanning for spam, or to deliver spam to a mailbox you designate for this purpose, perhaps so that you can check it periodically (via Webmail) for any false-positives.

How to whitelist and blacklist with MailScanner 

If you find that emails from a genuine sender are often being blocked as spam, either because they are sending from an ISP or IP address which is blocked by an RBL, or because our MailScanner is just getting it wrong and classifying their emails as spam when they are not, then you an add then to your personal email whitelist.

Alternatively, if you find that  emails from a particular sender are not being blocked by MailScanner ebven though they are spam, you can add the sender or sender's domain to your personal Blacklist.

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Click on the MailScanner icon in cPanel (All-in-One  and WordPress MAX hosting):
  3. or Configserver MSFE icon in DirectAdmin (Starter Hosting):
  4. In the MailScanner tool, click on the Email Black/Whitelist Settings button:
  5. Enter the email addresses or domains you want to whitelist in the Spam Whitelist section, and emails you would like to blacklist in the Spam Blacklist section.
    To block a single email address, enter the email address.
    To block an entire domain, enter *@ followed by the domain you would like to block, for example *@badguys.com
  6. when you are done, click on the Change button:
Personal whitelist/blacklist settings can take up to 15 minutes to be added to MailScanner.

How to change MailScanner spam scoring

You might want to change the score that an email requires before MailScanner considers it to be spam, if you find that many non-spam emails are being blocked as spam.
  1. In the MailScanner tool, click on the Other Settings button:
  2. You will now see the server's Low scoring spam setting and High scoring spam setting values, which you can change to whatever you like:
The higher the value, the more spam will get through. The lower the value, the more non-spam emails will be blocked as spam,  so please use caution.

How to control what MailScanner does with spam

In the MailScanner tool, scroll down to the Change Individual Domain Settings section:

Here you can do the following:

  1. Disable Spam Scanning entirely (not advisable!) by changing the drop-down selector to "no"
  2. Disable Virus Scanning entirely (don't do this!) by changing the drop-down selector to "no"
  3. Tell MailScanner to deliver infected emails after it has cleaned them of malware/viruses (also not a good idea)

you can also set MailScanner to deliver or forward emails that score as Low or High spam to spam@yourdomain.co.za

If you set MailScanner to forward emails, please ensure that the email address spam@yourdomain.co.za is created, and clean it out regularly so that spam emails don't use up too much diskspace

MailControl User Guide

The MailControl tool forms part of MailScanner, and allows you to view the emails which were blocked as spam, and not delivered to your email accounts.

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. For All-in-One and WordPress MAX accounts, click on the MailScanner icon (or search for "MailScanner" in the search bar at the top of the page):

    or, for Starter Hosting accounts, search for MSFE (MailScanner Front-End):
  3. Click on the MailControl button:
  4. All emails sent to any of the email addresses in your hosting account, which were blocked and not delivered will now be displayed. You can click on the Low Spam, High Spam, Infected and Blacklist buttons to sort by those categories:
  5. If you would like to see more information about a blocked email, click on the icon in the View/Status column next to the email:
  6. If the email you are viewing is not spam, you can click on the Learn as Ham button at the bottom of the page, in the Actions block to "teach" MailScanner that it is not spam:
  7. If you would like to have the email delivered to the original recipient, click on the Release(direct) button:

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