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Our All-in-One PLUS and All-in-One PRO hosting accounts (which allow you to host up to 5, or up to 10 domains, respectively) are to be discontinued by the end of this month. In their place, we’ll be introducing our new All-in-One MultiSite hosting package. Our website will be updated in due course with more information and pricing.

There are a number of reasons for the change, but the most important are:
PLUS and PRO accounts used addon domains for additional domains, with one cpanel login

– this made it difficult for you to use the packages as mini reseller accounts, because you could not give your clients cpanel access

– an addon domain could not be suspended, the entire account and all its addon domains had to be suspended. This was annoying for clients using them as mini reseller accounts

– Our new CloudLinux platform tracks resource usage per user. A PRO account with 10 addon domains would only be allowed the resources available to one All-in-One account, because addon domains all run as the same user on the server

PLUS and PRO accounts allow 5 or 10 domains, respectively, and no more

– This means that clients who host more than 10 domains are forced to sign up for multiple hosting packages, which is great for Texo, but not so good for you

– It also means that clients who host 2, 3 or 4 websites have to pay for 2, 3 or 4 All-in-One accounts, or pay for a All-in-One PLUS account. Either way, they were paying more than necessary.

To solve these problems, the All-in-One MultiSite will allow you to host from 2 to hundreds of websites (although once you’re hosting more than 50 websites on your MultiSite account, it makes sense to upgrade to your own Reseller Server because you’ll be saving money) and will give you access to a Web Host Manager or WHM. Your WHM will allow you to create hosting packages for your domains, and to create, terminate and suspend your accounts. You will also have a separate cpanel login for each of your accounts.


  • Shiraz
    on August 4, 2010 Reply

    What will happen to existing All-in-One PLUS and PRO accounts?

  • Steve Venter
    on August 4, 2010 Reply

    Shiraz, the existing PLUS and PRO accounts will be converted to MultiSite accounts, which will allow you to host exactly the same number of websites as your current PLUS/PRO account.

    There won’t be any price increases; in fact the MultiSite equivalent of the All-in-One PRO account will be slighly cheaper, so clients on that package will be paying less than they are right now.

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