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September 6, 2010 by in category sa blog awards, Texo Blog with 1 and 0

UPDATE: Congratulations to Rlabs who won both the “Best Company Blog” and “Best Group Blog” awards, and to She’s The Geek for winning the “Best Science and Technology Blog” award. Well done, guys and gals!

Full results are here:

Every year, a number of blogs hosted by Texo are nominated for the South African Blog Awards. This year is no different, and the list of finalists boasts a record-breaking FIVE Texo-hosted blogs!

Here they are:

The Given Collective Blog (Best Media and Marketing Blog)

“The Given Collective was first conceptualized back in 2004 as a street art inniative known as “Question the Given”. Over the years The Given Collective has changed and evolved many times, from simple street art to a clothing brand and most recently a Graphic Design Agency.
This blog serves as a platform from which we aim to showcase the best in design/graffiti and subversive art from around the net.”

She’s The Geek (Best Science and Technology Blog)

Mission: To educate and empower women through the use of various computer, mobile and social technologies that is always fun and in turn having them leave a legacy for the next generation
Vision: To empower women globally through technology and innovation
Objectives: Provide training, consulting, guest posts, technology reviews, talks and everything related to women and technology

RLabs (Best Group Blog AND Best Company Blog)

The Reconstructed Living Lab is one of ten in South Africa, and the first one in the Western Cape. The project has grown out of collaboration between Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a community organisation Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), and the Bridgetown Civic Organisation. It has features that are unique in living labs as it is community led and is based in a social deprived area in Cape Town.

Kris Adams (Best Podcast/Video Blog)

I thought I would explain a few things. I am not explaining how I became so funny, or how I became so good looking. Those are trade secrets.
First off, I am not really famous. I know right, I totally had you fooled. I am just a regular guy, who happens to also be very awesome.

Mother City Living (Best Green Blog)

Living ‘green’ for me means supporting small producers, visiting farmers’ markets, living a simpler, greener life. It’s all about the choices we individuals make – and this blog is about all the great stuff that’s going on right here on our doorstep

You can view the full list of finalists (and vote!) here:

2010 South African Blog Awards

Good luck guys and gals!

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  • Kris Adams
    on November 8, 2010 Reply

    Haha Oh yea. I enjoy making it onto lists of cool people 😀

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