How to Setup a WordPress Staging Site

We’re going to walk you through the process of creating a staging site and deploying changes back to production. We’ll be using the clone and staging features in WordPress Toolkit Deluxe.

Select WordPress Toolkit from cPanel’s main page menu and expand the detailed view of the site you want to work with.

Click the Clone tool in the dashboard view. In the Clone interface, you can choose the staging site’s subdomain and path. The subdomain can be a pre-existing domain, or the Toolkit can create a new one. If necessary, you can also change the database name.

That’s it! The Toolkit will now create the staging site and subdomain. You can access the new site in the main WPT interface alongside your other sites.

To make staging sites easier to tell apart from live sites, use WPT’s labels. Click Add Label and choose an appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

After sites are labeled, you can sort and filter them using the Sort and Filter dropdowns at the top right of the interface.

Commit Staging Site Changes to Production

Once you have developed and tested a new feature or design, it’s time to push the changes to the production site. To do that, we have to copy the staging site’s database and files. This would once have been a complicated and error-prone process, but it can be done safely in less than a minute with WP Toolkit.

Click the Copy Data tool in the staging site’s WPT dashboard.

In the Copy Data interface, select the production site from the Target dropdown menu. You have fine-grained control over which aspects of the site are transferred. You can copy the files, database, and specific database tables. You can also choose whether to overwrite and delete production files if they were edited or removed on the staging site.

In our example image, we’re copying everything except the database’s post and user tables and their associated metadata tables. That allows us to synchronize the WordPress instances without overwriting or deleting posts and users created after we made the staging site.

Because copying can be a destructive operation, WPT automatically creates a restore point so you can quickly roll back if something goes wrong.

Together, WordPress Toolkit’s clone and copy features provide quick and simple-to-use staging site deployment. You can create a staging site in seconds and push changes to production just as easily.  For agencies and other businesses that offer WordPress hosting and management services, the WPT means faster, safer, and more reliable WordPress workflows.

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