How to copy your website and emails to Texo

We are always happy to help you move to Texo, and will copy your website files, databases and emails to your Texo hosting account at no charge. Please submit a support ticket if you need help.

If your website is hosted at a host that uses DirectAdmin or cPanel then your entire hosting account can be copied to Texo without any difficulty. Please send your DirectAdmin or cPanel login in a support ticket, and ask us to copy your hosting account to Texo.

If your old host does not use DirectAdmin or cPanel, then your emails and email accounts cannot be easily copied. Your website files and database can usually be copied very easily, but we will need to log into your hosting account at your old host to confirm what can and what cannot be copied. Please send your hosting account login details in a support ticket so that we can take a look and advise you.

If you would like to copy your website yourself, then please do as follows at your old host:

  1. Download all your website files. These are almost always in the public_html directory.
  2. Export all your databases. This is usually done with the PHPMyAdmin tool in the control panel.
  3. Download the contents of the /etc and /mail directories, usually found one level up from your public_html directory.

Then at Texo, once your hosting account is active:

  1. Upload your website files to the public_html directory, using FTP software or the File Manager tool in your cpanel.
  2. Create the database(s) you need in your Texo Control Panel, with the MySQL Wizard tool.
  3. Use the PHPMyAdmin tool in your Texo Control Panel to import the database file you exported from your old host into the database.
  4. Using FTP or the File Manager, empty the contents of the /etc and /mail directories, and upload the files you downloaded from your old host into them

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