How to register a new domain

Registering a domain is part of the process when ordering a hosting package. However, if you would like to register additional domains to use in future, or to use as Aliases (Parked Domains) then please do as follows:

  1. Log into your Texo Client Area
  2. Click on Domains > Register a New Domain

and complete the ordering process. Once you payment is processed (immediately if paying by credit card (PayFast or PayPal) or when your payment reflects in our bank account if paying by EFT) your new domain will be registered in your name, and will go live within an hour or so.

Note: .co.za domains do not go live if they do not have valid DNS entries. If you do not order a hosting package for yor new domain, or add it to an existing hosting package as an Alis (Parked Domain) then it will not go live. The Registry will check for valid DNS entries every few hours for a week, and then stop checking.

If that happens, then you will have to resubmit the domain's nameservers in your Texo Client Area:

  1. Click on Domains > My Domains
  2. Click on the green ACTIVE button next to the domain
  3. Click on Nameservers in the left menu
  4. Click the Change Nameservers button (without changing any other settings unless you want to use nameservers belonging to a different webhost)
  5. The Registry will now check the nameservers for your domain's DNS entries and, if successful, the domain will go live within an hour.

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